Valve Tray combine high capacity and excellent efficiency with a wide operating range. With these products advantages plus PT. Surya Besindo Sakti technical expertise in design, manufacturing and installation, it’s no wonder our Valve Trays have been installed in tens of thousands of plants worldwide year after year, they continue to be the trays preferred by plant operators

- Buble Cap Tray

Bubble cap trays consist of a flat perforated deck in which the holes are enclosed with vapor chimney risers and caps in the form of inverted cups mounted on top of the risers. This gives the bubble cap tray advantages to operate at extremely low liquid and vapor rates

- Sieve Tray

Sieve trays are flat perforated plates in which vapor is forced through the holes into the cross-flowing liquid. This vapor flow prevents liquid weeping from leaking through the holes


- High Capacity & Low Pressure Drop

Valve Tray can handle loadings up to 10% higher than sieve Trays while providing higher efficiency. The contoured hole of Valve Tray provides the lowest pressure drop per tray over a wide range of flow rates

- Cost - Effective

Low initial purchase price, simple installation, and reduced maintenance contribute to cost effective projects when using valve trays

- Other Trays

Shower deck tray, disc & donut tray, sump tray, baffle tray, cartridge tray ( for small diameter flanged colums ), etc

- Other as per client request

Trays can come in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy 600, titanium, monel, hastalloy, zirconium or other materials as per clients request

ADV® High Performace Tray

Since its inception in late 1997, ADV® high-performance tray has been successfully used in more than 3000 commercial installations in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries. ADV® tray has been used in applications where the tower diameter ranges from 0.5 to 10.2m, tray spacing ranges from 170 to 1100mm, the number of tray ranges from a few to more than 200, and the number of passes ranges from one to six. ADV® tray has also been used in vacuum and high-pressure systems. ADV® tray offers you a solution with higher capacity, higher separation efficiency, lower pressure drop and greater flexibility. It can also help you lower capital expenditure

Main Features

  •     Non-revolving valve with top canopies
  •     “Quick-Connect” active tray joints
  •     Inlet bubble promoter
  •     New-design downcomer

Advantages Over Conventional Trays

  •     40% (or more) higher capacity
  •     10-20% more efficiency
  •     >10% lower pressure drop
  •     30-50% greater flexibility
  •     Minimum modification in reconstruction
  •     Easy to install and maintain

ADV® High Capacity Tray

The ADV® high-capacity tray is a new type of multi-downcomer tray for large column diameter and high liquid loading cases. The tray is based on ADV® high performance tray and combines features of multi-pass tray flow. With optimized new downcomer design, it provides higher mass-transfer efficiency and larger liquid capacity in rectification and absorption process. Compared to traditional 4-pass tray, it can increase capacity by at least 25% with comparable tray efficiency

Main Features

  •     Improved multi-downcomer tray based on multi-pass tray flow characteristics for reference
  •     With lateral or longitudinal downcomers, liquid on the tray will form radialized flow or parallel flow which avoid stagnant pool and increase flow path length
  •     Parallel liquid flow with same path lengths maintain the same vapor to liquid ratio
  •     Higher mass transfer efficiency by overcoming the liquid maldistribution that occurs on a traditional multi-downcomer tray
  •     Weir liquid loading can be decreased compared to that of 4-pass and 6-pass trays. This scenario increases tray capacity, especially in high liquid loading
  •     Adapts to rectification and absorption process with high mass-transfer efficiency requirement and large liquid capacity cases

Natural gas de-H2S and de-CO2; Propane dehydrogenation; CO2 capture; Solvent regeneration; C2, C3 splitter; PX plant


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